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HRP Sponsors Pre-apprenticeship Program for Philadelphia Residents

A program sponsored by HRP to prepare individuals for entrance into apprenticeship programs in the construction trades as well as other employment opportunities in the construction industry.

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As part of redevelopment, soil will be relocated to raise the ground surface elevations above base flood elevations. Prior to acquiring the property, HRP submitted a Soil Management Plan to PADEP and USEPA for their approval. The Soil Management Plan establishes requirements for soil sample collection and analysis to identify where soils can be appropriately relocated. The Soil Management Plan is not a Cleanup Plan; Cleanup Plans will be submitted separately and will be available for public comment. Reports associated with soil management, including the 2020 Soil Management Plan, are shared on this page.

As part of redevelopment, HRP will remove hundreds of storage tanks. Soil sampling is required beneath Aboveground Storage Tanks to obtain regulatory closure under the Pennsylvania’s Storage Tank Program (Act 32). Reports associated with tank closure sampling are shared on this page.

HRP is responsible for cleaning up soil and groundwater contamination that occurred at the property after September 2012. This cleanup work will be completed under Pennsylvania’s Voluntary Cleanup Program referred to as the Land Recycling Program or Act 2. Reports associated with HRP’s soil and groundwater remediation work are shared on this page.

Reports associated with cleanup of contamination that occurred prior to September 2012 are shared on Evergreen’s website: https://phillyrefinerycleanup.info/

Beginning in 2018, benzene monitoring was conducted at the perimeter of the property as required by the Petroleum Refinery Sector Rule. Benzene data collected as part of this monitoring is shared on this page.