Bird's eye view of The Bellweather District campus

A New Start in the City
that Started it All.

Introducing The Bellwether District.
Next Starts Here.

The Bellwether District is Philly’s new home for e-commerce, life sciences, and logistics leaders. It is a global model of sustainable development and design. It connects the world’s seas, skies, rails, and roads to the people and businesses of Philadelphia.

The Bellwether District stands for Philadelphia’s one-of-a-kind legacy of innovation and its role as a bellwether city, from the early beginnings of the nation to the modern era.

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World-Class Size and Scale

A 1300-acre state-of-the-art campus, home for e-commerce, logistics, life science and innovation leaders.

Situated at the center of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, The Bellwether District will provide direct access to global infrastructure, world-class talent and a massive consumer base.

Innovation Campus Industrial Campus