A New Start in the City that Started it All.

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Introducing The Bellwether District. Next Starts Here.

The Bellwether District will be Philly’s new home for e-commerce, life sciences, and logistics leaders. It will be a global model of sustainable development and design. It will connect the world’s seas, skies, rails, and roads to the people and businesses of Philadelphia.

The Bellwether District stands for Philadelphia’s one-of-a-kind legacy of leadership and its role as a bellwether city, from the early beginnings of the nation to the modern era.

    The Transformation has Begun

    Led by Hilco Redevelopment Partners (HRP), an historic transformation has launched within Philadelphia, turning the former PES Refinery into The Bellwether District, a 1300-acre state-of-the-art campus. HRP will remediate and transform a relic of the past into a green, sustainable development and an economic engine for all of Philadelphia.

    Learn more about HRP at hilcoredev.com

      World-Class Size and Scale

      Situated at the center of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, The Bellwether District will provide direct access to global infrastructure, dozens of colleges and universities, and a massive, dedicated workforce. It will be one of the biggest life science campuses ever built, offering businesses a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect and collaborate with the world.

      Tour The Bellwether District

      Follow HRP CEO Roberto Perez and EVP Jeremy Grey to get a first glimpse of what's to come with The Bellwether District.

      Tour The Bellwether District

      Follow HRP CEO Roberto Perez and EVP Jeremy Grey to get a first glimpse of what's to come with The Bellwether District.


      Start here

      You’re looking at two percent of all of Philadelphia. That’s 1,300 acres of potential.

      Creating a blank slate

      What goes up must start with what comes down. Get a look at the process to safely decommission and demolish the former refinery.

      The fire of 2019: What happened

      The history of the space makes decommissioning the site even more important.

      Just how big is this project

      The Bellwether District will stretch far and wide. See HRP’s plan to tackle some of the challenges of remediating so much land.

      What's to come?

      Trees. Solar panels. Industry. And 30,000 jobs over the lifespan of the project.

      The strategic waterfront

      Connecting The Bellwether District to the Schuylkill river. And the world.

      Reflecting on The Bellwether District

      The Bellwether District stands to be one of HRP’s most transformative projects.


        Our plan is to transform the site into a commercial hub to be shared by dozens of world-class companies that will benefit from Philadelphia's diverse workforce and strategic location with an environmentally responsible infrastructure that will be great for all Philadelphians


        Roberto Perez – CEO, HRP


        HRP’s acquisition of the former PES site ensures that after 150 years, this property will never again be used to process hydrocarbons and will become an environmentally responsible and economically robust commercial hub in Southwest Philadelphia, the very neighborhood where I grew up and still spend time with family.


        Jasmine E. Sessoms – Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs


        I want to thank [HRP] for their commitment to Philadelphia by assuming ownership of one of the most important commercial sites in the city. The action creates jobs, ensures the future commercial viability of the site, and decreases the former refinery's environmental impact.


        Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney